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Roll the dice on Houstonopoly


Houstonopoly is a 10,000 square foot life-size board game inspired by the classic Hasbro Monopoly game.

Houstonopoly is coming to Houston!

If you’re into board games and Instagram-worthy experiences, then roll the dice on this one! Houstonopole is a 10,000 square foot life-size board game inspired by the classic Hasbro Monopoly game, with a Houston twist!

Upon entering, guests will become one of the pieces of the game as they make their way through the colorful board with a thousand Houstonopolitan dollars. Make no mistake, this is no ordinary board game! Classic Monopoly properties like the Reading Railroad and Boardwalk have been replaced by their Houston counterparts, from iconic landmarks and events to celebrity murals.

The 10,000 square foot play area features 13 click-worthy stops. Photo credit: Eliot Aiman

The 10,000 square foot play space features 13 click-worthy stops as well as notable neighborhoods like Third Ward, The Galleria, Minute Maid, and local landmarks including NASA and the Harris County Jail.

Publicist and event planner Sherrie Handrinos, who brought the game to life, best describes the game as: “I’ve been creating events for over 15 years and now that the city is opening up again I wanted to create something. that people can really have. fun with… The best way to describe this is this old movie Honey, I cut down on the kids. It’s almost like you’re in this movie, but on an all Houston-themed game board! “

Local artist Franky Cardona hand painted every exhibit and backdrop, including a realistic mural of hometown celebrities Travis Scott and Beyoncé, among others.

Before you go, visit the Hostonopoly gift shop, we are told that sales from the store are used to purchase supplies, backpacks and essentials for local students for this upcoming school year.

Houstonopoly tickets and other details

When: The show is open until July 31, according to the website. For daily schedules, see the calendar on the Houstonopoly site.

Or: 2501 Rice Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77005

Car park: Free parking is available in the front, rear and side lots adjacent to the building on Rice Boulevard

How: Prices start at $ 20 for adults, $ 15 for children, and are free for children 3 and under.

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