Ryan Reynolds’ Mississippi Grind Revisited


Written by Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, Mississippi Grind is an American drama based in the United States. This is a character portrait of two men facing a lifestyle influenced by gambling and addiction and the way their friendship is developing. The main actors are Gerry, played by Emmy Award nominees Ben Mendelsohn and Curtin Vaughn, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds (from the TV series “Two Boys, a Girl and a Pizzeria”). The main shoots on Mississippi Grind were in Alabama, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The film was released in January 2015 after it was completed on a budget of $ 6 million.

Mississippi Grind Story

While there are other characters in the film, it’s more of a two-man show-come-character dance between two very strong characters. The story begins with the struggling but talented gamer Gerry, who meets the charismatic young traveler Curtis in a bar. The film takes them on a gambling journey along the Mississippi, where they jump from racetracks to blackjack and poker tables. Your ultimate goal is to play a high-stakes poker game in New Orleans.

Gambling theme in Mississippi Grind

There’s no denying that the gambling landscape in the southern part of the United States plays an important role in the Mississippi grind theme. We can see this in many scenes:

  • The two characters visit a dog racing track together, where they win a big bet. Gerry finally plays away the bet.
  • At a bar, the two try to place a stake of $ 1,000 on a game of pool. They’re so drunk they’ll be thrown off the property.
  • The two go on a gambling trip south. Your goal is to play a game of poker in New Orleans with a buy-in of $ 25,000.
  • Gerry enjoys a successful poker session at a riverboat casino.
  • Gerry then had a great run at a Texas Hold’em poker game in Memphis. Unfortunately he loses everything on the last river map.
  • The two visit a casino in Tunica, where Curtis has a VIP player card.
  • Gerry sells his car to endorse a tough horse race bet but loses almost all of his money.
  • Gerry puts his remaining bankroll on a game of roulette and eventually wins.
  • When a defeated Curtis arrives at Gerry’s blackjack table, he shares his chips with his friend, who has lost everything. Together they continue to win while playing craps and other games.
  • Eventually, the couple wins half a million dollars and breaks up.
  • In the final subject of the film, Gerry listens to an instructional CD in his car that tells how a confident gamer should sit. Gerry takes the words to heart and changes his pace.

Gambling inspires movies and vice versa

The exciting gambling industry is worth billions of dollars, and it’s no surprise that card games, slots, and races have inspired several films, such as: Mississippi Grind. Likewise, the gambling world has borrowed many of its themes from mainstream films and TV series. Some of the most popular stationary and online slot games are based on the best films of all time.

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How successful is Mississippi Grind?

This is not a movie intended only for gambling fans, although it will certainly appeal to those who enjoy this form of entertainment. Mississippi Grind is a powerful drama that heroically examines the relationship between the two protagonists. The acting is good and it is a pleasure to see Mendelsohn and Reynolds interact on screen.

I think Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden treated the subject in a unique and empathetic way. It’s definitely not your ordinary Hollywood movie, and the topic may not appeal to everyone, but as a niche movie, it deserves more fans.

This isn’t the first film based on a legendary road trip between two friends (think: Transamerica, Little Miss Sunshine and crossing), but Mississippi Grind goes beyond this popular genre. It deals with the problem of gambling addiction directly in the eye, without filters, and connects it with travel – both physically on the move and emotionally between friends.

The authors have often been asked if Mississippi Grind based on a true story. It’s not like that, but Boden and Flack have said in interviews that they are always interested in real audience reactions and emotions. They are happy with the way the film has created conflicting feelings in viewers.

Unfortunately, not everyone shares our opinion. Mississippi Grind Only $ 130,000 was withdrawn at the box office and the tomotometer rate was set at 91% Rotten tomatoes. I suggest that you see for yourself and make your own decision.