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Several HBCUs received bomb threats on the same day, prompting evacuations


Nine historically black colleges and universities received bomb threats that led to the evacuation of students, faculty and staff.

Spelman College, North Carolina Central University, Howard University, Norfolk State University, Prairie View A&M University in Texas, Texas Southern University, Florida Memorial University, Xavier University of Louisiana and The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff reported Bomb threats on Tuesday that have since been dealt with.

Although local law enforcement was called and no explosions took place at the site, there is no clear indication if the threats are related or racially motivated.

Looking at the timeline of events, two of the institutions received threats around the same time. Pine Bluff said they received a threat around 5:15 p.m.; Shortly thereafter, North Carolina Central University alerted officials to a threat. The other HBCUs have not revealed the timing of their threats but said the news arrived in the evening.

North Carolina Central University emailed an “Eagle Alert” to students and staff shortly after the bomb threat at 5:30 p.m., urging evacuation. With help Of local authorities, the North Carolina Central University Police Department said all campus buildings are safe for the return of students, faculty and staff. The institution sent an all-clear around 9:15 p.m. welcoming students and staff back to campus.

The Washington Post reports that the frequency of bomb threats in the country has decreased over the past two years, but the number of actual bombings has increased.