Home Gambling Sportsbet fined $ 135,000 for breaking gambling advertising rules

Sportsbet fined $ 135,000 for breaking gambling advertising rules

Sportsbet fined $ 135,000 for breaking gambling advertising rules

Sportsbet was fined an additional $ 135,000 for violating New South Wales law covering gambling advertising.

The online gambling company was found to be in breach of advertising restrictions under the Betting and Racing Act 1998 as a result of investigations by Liquor & Gaming NSW.

It is an offense under the law to post a gambling advertisement that offers an inducement to participate, or to participate frequently, in a gambling activity, including an inducement to open a betting account. It is also an offense to provide gambling advertisements directly after the betting account holder has withdrawn their consent to receive such advertisements.

In a lawsuit initiated by Liquor & Gaming NSW, the local Downing Center court found that Sportsbet had emailed gaming announcements to account holders who had withdrawn their consent to receive direct marketing between October 2020 and October 2021.

The court also heard that in November 2020, an audit of Sportsbet’s social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – found banned gambling ads.

This is the second fine imposed on Sportsbet this year for violating advertising restrictions, after a fine of $ 22,000 imposed by the same court in March.

Liquor & Gaming NSW’s chief compliance officer Marcel Savary said some gambling companies continue to violate gambling advertising laws despite the agency’s enforcement activities.

“So far this year, Liquor & Gaming NSW has more than double the number of lawsuits compared to last year with 119 different counts of breaching the provisions brought against 14 operators, compared to 31 counts. charge against seven operators in 2020, “he said.

“Research conducted by the NSW Office of Responsible Gambling in 2020 found that the vast majority of the community is not satisfied with the current style of betting advertising, with 81% believing that gambling advertising increases the risk that people will develop a gambling problem. “

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