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Stargate SG-1 Role Playing Game and Dice

Officially licensed Stargate merchandise is pretty rare these days, so we’re especially excited to see the new Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Game.

This is a tabletop RPG in the classic style of Dungeons & Dragons, designed with great care by the team at Wyvern Gaming. We’ve been covering its production since the game was first announced, developed under license from MGM, delayed in part due to COVID, funded by a Kickstarter campaign (in just a few hours, thanks to Stargate fans), and finally made its debut on the convention scene last summer.

Now this beautiful book is in our hands for further consideration.

I contributed to the Kickstarter in 2020, and couldn’t help picking up one of Wyvern’s stretch goal add-ons as well. The Stargate dice set includes seven beautiful, high quality, heavy metal dice. There is a d4, d6, d8, d10, d12, d20 and d100 here to meet your gaming needs.

In this video we unbox the Stargate SG-1 Roleplaying Gamebasic rule book, as well as the dice game. Take a look inside the box!

Tabletop players can also find the dice, item cards, Gatemaster privacy screen, printable game tiles, poker chip style resolve point tokens, STL files to 3D print your own Stargate , figurines and other play pieces, and more. It’s on the game’s official website at: StargatetheRPG.com.

Our opinion ? Although it may be a while before we find our own team to play the tabletop game in real life, the Wyvern team has come up with a nice product. This is a high-end, richly detailed game made by people who definitely know and love the Stargate universe and its mythology.

The core rulebook is exceptionally neat, with over 360 full-color pages. It is comprehensive and detailed in both gameplay mechanics and Stargate lore, beautifully illustrated throughout with original artwork.

Stargate SG-1 Role Playing Dice

Dice… dice are just cool. I’ve used my share of d20 game dice, but I’ve never owned metal dice before. They are very high end, heavy (nickel alloy) and with great attention to detail – as long as you can get used to reading the numbers, which are shaped like star constellations on the stargate. Just watch out for this four-sided pyramid dice – the corners are sharp!

It seems like a great platform for gaming and a great collectible set, even for non-gaming Stargate fans.

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