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Sydney Trains: Hate playing which train carriage will have a free seat? Here’s a secret rush hour hack


A simple colored graphic on the train platform screens can help you determine exactly which car to head to to get a seat.

Despite having been around for three years, the Carry Capacity Indicator has surprised NSW commuters traveling on Waratah trains.

Watch the video above to see the simple train hack

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Colored rectangles depicting Waratah train carriages and their current capacity were introduced by Transport for NSW on platform service display boards in 2019.

They were introduced on real-time apps the previous year, but the seat finder hack is still largely unknown.

The car capacity indicator color-codes the blocks in green, orange and red to show commuters which cars are empty, moderately full and at full capacity, respectively.

A colorful block chart known as a carrying capacity indicator is a little-known hack for marking a seat on Sydney’s busy trains. Credit: TikTok/ @adrianwidjy

The information comes from weight sensors, which use the data to calculate the number of passengers aboard each car.

This feature is designed to help commuters know where to stand as the train approaches, so they can easily jump straight into the emptyest car.

This type of technology is used in train stations around the world, including in Singapore, Tokyo and Hong Kong, according to Transport for NSW.

“These screens will now be available at all stations served by Waratah trains, including the busy T1 North Shore and Western routes, and will help customers board trains more efficiently,” the former transport minister said. of NSW, Andrew Constance, when the technology was launched in May 2019.

“These capacity indicators will help passengers know where to go on the platform to get on the train quickly and easily.

“At the end of the day, it’s about using the latest technology to make life easier for our customers.

“It’s proven to be a great way for customers to quickly find out where seats are available on a train.”

The hack was shared recently on TikTok, surprising Sydney commuters who were unaware of the capacity indicator.

“What? I’ve been traveling on Sydney trains all my life and just found out tonight,” one TikTok user wrote.

“I really thought it was Sydney Trains just trying to be cute,” another user wrote.

“Just showing how many eshays in the back cart now,” another wrote.

However, the online reaction also pointed out that the little-known feature isn’t fully inclusive or relevant to some people living with disabilities.

“I’m red-green colorblind so didn’t notice,” one user wrote.

“But if you’re in a wheelchair, you’re always put in the back cart, even if it’s full,” another wrote.