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Synechron Recruitment Process: A Behind-the-Scenes Look


Synechron, the global digital transformation consulting firm, pulls back the curtains and gives you a peek into how three of its North American hiring managers are doing what they do best: recruiting top qualified tech talent. Enter and discover our recruitment practices. Then be sure to check out some of their top tips for negotiations and how to win the hearts of top recruiters.

Where do Synechron recruiters start?

Once a clear cut job description is in hand, they identify the key attributes desired in a tech candidate and work with hiring managers to define specific job requirements. They then use an omnichannel strategy to advertise and source qualified candidates from employee referrals, professional networks, job boards, social media posts, and respondents to job postings on the Web.

Key next steps include recruiter screening of resumes and profile assessment to find a potential candidate, then reaching out to a potential candidate to understand the person’s interest and skills, and explain the requirements of the position and the process. This can usually be done through telephone screening. A technical interview often follows, says Zahir Mulla, Associate Director, Talent Acquisition at Synechron, NY, for a candidate to speak with a technical panel to assess a candidate’s experience using real-time scenarios to assess the candidate’s abilities.

What other key things do Synechron recruiters do? “We treat applicants like you would stakeholders,” said Baseer Qidwai, Associate Director, Talent Acquisition North America, Synechron, Toronto, Canada. “A recruiter must be able to set the right expectations that will produce the desired results.” A quick chat to understand the candidate and gauge a fit is best followed by a face-to-face meeting, he added. “It will make a huge difference and should increase the chances of a better connection with candidates.”

What qualities does Synechron look for most in a candidate?

Beyond the expected technical skills and domain and fintech expertise, Synechron recruiters seek full-cycle project and implementation experience and enterprise-level project experience, while expecting them to detail their previous roles and responsibilities. Beyond technical skills, other soft skills must be demonstrated, including a strong work ethic and can-do attitude, resourcefulness, integrity and general curiosity, and a thirst for more. know more, these recruiters said.

What are your top tips for negotiating with a recruiter at a company like Synechron for a higher salary, better title, or different location?

“Build your case, stay positive and be clear,” said Zahir Mulla. “Share your aspirations with the recruiter upfront and be honest when giving examples,” added Raj Choure, director of talent acquisition at Synechron, Charlotte, NC. Remember to look at the big picture, Baseer Qidwai explained. “The candidate must look at the whole package offered to him and not just the salary, the location or, for that matter, the job title. A candidate can negotiate with the recruiter for flexible working hours, growth opportunities, more responsibility to manage a project independently, and additional annual leave.

What’s your best tip for getting a tech recruiter to fall in love with you and want to hire you?

From a practical standpoint, keep your CV to a reasonable size and provide more in-depth details about your specific roles and responsibilities rather than just having a summary, Raj Choure noted. Also be sure to demonstrate your honesty, flexibility and good communication skills which “…are the building blocks of a good employer-employee relationship,” Baseer Qidwai said. Perhaps most importantly, “Be enthusiastic, ready to share your accomplishments/successes rather than just your skills, and be conversational,” summarized Zahir Mulla.

To learn more about Synechron and see if any of their open technology career opportunities match your skills, experience, and goals, check out their job postings at Of.

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