Tanya Snyder feels sorry for herself, not a WFT victim


The real purpose – the whole Raison d’être – To conduct an interview after a scandal is to show even a little remorse for what happened, to apologize halfway to those who have been wronged, to conjure up even a touch of appreciation for anyone who got entangled in the tentacles of it all.

Given this opportunity, repeatedly on one of the friendliest platforms she could find, Washington Football Team co-CEO Tanya Snyder couldn’t bother doing all of these things.

Snyder was on “The Adam Schefter podcast“this week and couldn’t even make a cursory attempt to acknowledge the dozen of women who endured toxic jobs in WFT offices for years.

But she wants you to know that it has been a very tough year for her and her family.

It has become all too common to overtake the money, to self-center, or to use the “sorry for anyone who has been offended” path. Very few people, especially those with some influence, show genuine repentance in public.

If it’s a situation like this, it’s even more disappointing. One that features women from all walks of life, from cheerleaders to office workers to reporters who cover the team exposed to indecent comments and unwanted advances, and find that their dream job is so full of misogynistic minefields that new female employees are pulled aside and offered some sort of manual on how to get around with minimal injury trying to do their job easily.

Washington Football Team Co-CEO Tanya Snyder missed the chance to show remorse for the victims of the franchise’s toxic workplace culture overseen by husband Dan Snyder. (Photo by John McDonnell / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Tanya Snyder didn’t even have to recite the hackneyed line “as the father of daughters …” that so many men have vomited. She is a woman, she is a daughter, she has three sisters and is still unmoved.

But when it comes to the vortex of crap that’s been swirled around WFT in recent years – which includes the stories above, but also the 2019 first-round pick, Dwayne Haskins, who turned out to be a failure, and the reluctant, Overdue decision, Change the Arch, which also served as the team’s nickname – Snyder followed the beaten path her husband has gone through much of his 22 years of dysfunctional ownership.

Not our fault.

A few minutes into the interview, the “last year” topic opens with the note that Washington was fined $ 10 million by the NFL after the investigation (the results of which were not made public) and that Snyder became the person who was responsible for the day-to-day running of the franchise. There was no explanation as to why Tanya Snyder was named co-CEO along with Dan, or why WFT received that fine, which is a lot of money for most of us, but not for a man who spent $ 3 million on one IMAX cinema installed on its $ 100 million yacht.

And poor Tanya Snyder was just so sad about it.

“It was one of the toughest years of mine, Dan, and I know my family’s life,” said Snyder. “But I think I’m on the other side of where we are, learning an incredible amount, and my style and desire is to turn all of this into blessings to make the most of who we are today are. We are 100 percent. ” owner [the Snyders recently bought out the minority owners of the club] and we are in a much stronger position to make every single change we need to make. I’m very excited for that. “

“It is difficult. I get a lump in my throat and it’s a mix of a crime series and a nightmare film, but I’m here to tell you that today I know we do everything possible and where we ended up and where we are going, I could don’t be more excited. “

“Why do you get a lump in your throat?” she was asked.

It was the perfect opportunity to express some sort of remorse, a semblance of appreciation, to the dozen of women whose stories led her to publicly receive an official title with the WFT.

She didn’t take the opportunity.

“Well, I just think it’s the pain our families, our children, and a lot of the tough times we’ve been through, and as you know, the media is going to have to say whatever, and I think if you do.” have no voice, people can say anything, and they did, so … and that’s what I mean. “

Oh yes, the media. It was the media’s fault.

It was “the media” who stood under the glass stairs in the team facility to look for the women’s skirts and dresses.

It was “the media” who allegedly told a cheerleader to go to a hotel room with the team’s ophthalmologist to “get to know him better”.

It was “the media” who took cheerleaders to a foreign country and then took their passports from them while they posed half-naked while suite owners not far away, grinning, drooled, completely unnoticed by them.

It was “the media” that kept giving women comments on their choice of clothing.

It was “the media” who edited lewd outtakes from cheerleading photo shoots and showed their bare breasts and genital areas – called the “good parts” or “the good parts” – in a video for Dan Snyder.

“The media” did none of this. The media, in this case the Washington Post and the New York Times, did what it should. It shed light on the appalling working conditions within a franchise in the NFL, the league that went out of its way to create the appearance that it cares about women just to slow the WFT investigation and eventually protect Dan Snyder, she said senior investigator that she was not required to provide a written report.

Now the woman who was supposedly tasked with cleaning up the mess doesn’t seem to care, just how she affects it all.

The victims also noticed Tanya Snyder’s deaf words.

“This whole thing offended our intelligence,” Megan Imbert told Yahoo Sports. “The lack of recognition [from Snyder], that self-centered arrogance, that aura of ego that we’ve seen and that we know. They showed their colors of what this duo really is.

“They run and own this organization together. She says she was in the background [before being named co-CEO]which may be true, but based on what she said it was all about her, her family, who was not held accountable. “

Imbert left Washington in 2011 after serving several years on the team’s broadcast division and rose from intern to Emmy-winning producer. When she left the organization she had no other job; she had to go because the most important thing was to take care of yourself. She listened to Snyder’s interview with Schefter.

“[Snyder said] she had to stop reading [the investigator’s findings] and said it was “too ridiculous” – is that because you were completely stunned, or do you mean it was not real. We felt completely discredited … We brought the truth to light, but somehow you are the victim of last year? “

Imbert highlighted Snyder’s claim that neither she nor her husband had a voice during the trial and is right that it is flimsy. They have always had the opportunity to offer their side of things, and never have.

When Tanya Snyder finally spoke this week, the only person she showed compassion for was herself.

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