The 21 best (or worst) penalties for losing your fantasy football leagues in 2021


Last place penalties in a fantasy football league are common practice. Some are harmless and not very embarrassing; others are time consuming, painful, and in extreme cases permanent (we’re talking about you, tattoo leagues). What’s the best penalty for your league? It really depends on how seriously you take all of this and how much you want to humiliate your friends. Whether you are looking for a light hearted and fun, or “the worst” fate imaginable, we are here to help.

So, we move on, we present the best (or worst) fantasy football penalties for 2021.

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Best (or worst) fantasy football penalties for final completion

Tattoo / piercing

This is probably the one most common viral punishment, as well as the most controversial. Because as much as we’d like to believe that we can control the fates of our fantasy teams with skill and skillful squad decisions, fantasy football is often a game of luck and bad luck. Is a painful piercing or embarrassing tattoo really deserved if you stumble upon last place in a given season? If your answer is yes, then ink away. If you are a normal person and the answer is no, then read on.

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Taking the SAT / ACTs

Imagine a 40-year-old stepping into a four-hour standardized test in a high school classroom with nervous teenagers just because they forgot to set up their line-up once or twice. This punishment is more lighthearted and does no harm, but damn it if it’s not a waste of time and embarrassing (especially if there is a requirement that you actually have to “try” it and not just sit there for the afternoon). Talk about feeling stupid on multiple levels.

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Open mic comedy / motivational speaker

So you think you are funny or inspiring? Prove it to a crowd of total strangers expecting it real Stand-up comedy show or motivational speeches. And you can’t just run off the stage when the heckling starts – you have to finish your “set” and never reveal why you’re really there. But you can cry afterwards.

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Waffle House Marathon

If you don’t know what Waffle House is, you’re missing out. This punishment requires you to spend 24 hours straight in a Waffle House restaurant, but each waffle you eat takes an hour away from you. Could I possibly peel 10 waffles in 24 hours? Naturally. That leaves 14 hours to spend in an uncomfortable cabin while feeling like a donkey.

Various forms of public disclosure of your failure

This one is pretty simple, but pretty embarrassing. The last-placed finisher must stand near a busy intersection during rush hour and hold a sign that reads “I’m last in fantasy football. Hoor to see me dance.” Another option: walking around in front of a busy public area on a Friday night carrying a sandwich board describing how bad you are at fantasy football. (Bonus points if you only carrying the sandwich board.) Perhaps there are people out there who would enjoy the attention, but the average person will be red-faced for the duration of their punishment.

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Take part in NFL combine drills

If you’re embarrassed about being bad at fantasy football, why not take it a step further and show how bad you are at real football? The average Joe will look absolutely ridiculous trying his best at the 40 yard run, cone drill, vertical jump, and bench press. Meanwhile, all eyes (and cameras) of the other league members are there to enjoy the hilarious opportunity. This is pretty harmless too (aside from the damage to your ego and the likely muscle tugging), but at least you get some practice

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Tomato / paintball barrage

The name is self-explanatory. The rest of the league is throwing tomatoes at the loser. It’s not very creative, but it’s certainly effective. You could go a step further and swap tomatoes for balls of paint. These bruises take a while to heal, which increases the time it takes to remember how bad your season was.

Photo shoot for a calendar

This includes your pals choosing outfits for each month and you doing a photo shoot for a calendar. Cupid costume for February? Rabbit costume for April? Stars and Stripes speedometer for July? Yes, this one could be bad.

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Beer mile

Lots of people love beer, but how about getting a mile full of beer while running? This punishment has the loser have a full beer, run a quarter mile, drink a beer, run another quarter mile, and so on, until they run a full 5,280 feet. At least you can maybe start getting a buzz while doing this.

Bedroom poster

Another simple but effective punishment. The loser of the league has to buy a large poster of the player he selected in the first round and keep it in his bedroom all year round. Harmless, but a constant reminder of failure … and a surefire way to piss off your significant other.

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Pick up the tab

The loser only has to buy food and drinks for the next league meeting, be it the season end party of the next annual draft. This one is pretty simple, but if you’re cheap you might think it’s the worst of them all.

Santa’s lap

The last loser of space has to sit on Santa’s lap in the mall (or complain loudly if security tells him he’s not allowed). If you want them to wear an elf costume, all the better. Make sure someone also films the inevitable arrest.

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Rival’s jersey

In this scenario, the loser has to wear the jersey of an opposing NFL team to the next fantasy draft (and have photos posted on social media). To those who aren’t die-hard NFL fans, this may sound easy, but it’s a hard pill to swallow. Imagine a Giants fan wearing a Dak Prescott jersey or a Steelers fan wearing a Lamar Jackson jersey. Just feels dirty.

Lemonade stand

The last person must run a fully functional lemonade stand in a busy part of town for a full day (with the profits shared among the other members of the league). And the lemonade has to be homemade and good – not cheap Crystal Light crap.

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Laundry service

The loser has to do a full load of laundry for each member of the league. It’s embarrassing, time consuming, and potentially gross. They just know that someone is tucking dirty underpants into them.

Car washer

Everyone in the league gets a shiny new car wash courtesy of the last loser (bikini optional).

Drive to nowhere

In this excruciating punishment, the loser must take a full day of uninterrupted train or bus travel to and from the other league members’ destinations. And don’t think that you have to be on your phone or tablet all the time. You can only take your phone with you in case of emergencies, but otherwise you are given a disposable camera to use like a real tourist.

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child seat

The loser has to sit in a child-friendly plastic chair for the duration of the next fantasy design. Not only will you sit lower than everyone else (as symbolic), but you will also feel uncomfortable and look like an idiot (also symbolic).

Freezing dive

The loser has to dress up as a pirate – and speak like a pirate – while “walking over the plank” into a cold river or lake.

Mystery Bag / Roulette Wheel

The loser draws from a bag or spins a wheel full of random penalties submitted by other league members at the start of the season. Remember, you could get your own punishment, so just take it easy, just in case.

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License plate

You need to get a license plate announcing your fancy failure (“FFLOSER?” “12OF12?” “FF AHOLE?”) And keep it on your car for an entire year. Or, you could just go with any awkward makeup plate, even if it isn’t about fantasy football. That gives you more options.

Keychain / wallet / phone case

This one requires the honor system, but basically you have to use a wallet or phone case of your choice by the start of the next season. (Suggestions: A Pink Hello Kitty wallet with Velcro fastener from a Fabio phone case. You all remember Fabio, don’t you?) Imagine the looks when you pull these out in public. You can also force the loser to have an embarrassing charm on their keychain. It’s the same principle, but it’s easier to forget it’s there … until you notice a stranger trying to smuggle a cell phone photo so they can make fun of you.

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