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The Battlefield 2042 community reacts to a survey asking for their opinion


One of the biggest fan complaints about Battlefield 2042 is that the developers don’t care. During the launch of the initial trailer, DICE and EA promised many innovations and content to fans.

Still, many of them remained dissatisfied throughout the development of the game since its launch. The developers conducted a recent survey to get feedback from fans, some of whom were very upset.

Over the past few months DICE has been pushing hard to get feedback from fans on things they want to see in the game. progress.

They are also unhappy with the feedback collection rate as some think there should be more effort. However, a recent survey has again created a discussion that showed the kind of feelings Battlefield 2042 players are having right now.

Battlefield 2042 Players Want To See Major Changes Based On Survey Feedback

The original post was written by Reddit user u/Beginning-Camera-332, who posted a meme about the whole incident. The user believes that the only feedback DICE might have received will indicate that the game was a disaster and nothing can be done to save it. Other users also joined by expressing their opinions and what they thought about the whole issue.

One user said there will be a slight increase in the player base when Battlefield 2042 enters Xbox Game Pass through EA Play. However, it will soon die out and the community itself is quite small. The user also finds it quite annoying that some indie games now have more followers.

Another user added that Terraria, a much smaller game, benefits over 26,000 players on Steam. By comparison, the numbers for Battlefield 2042 will seem like a shame even though it’s a AAA version.

Some believe that this investigation could have been the last draw and that DICE could have decided to give up and focus on the new game.

The delayed Season 1 content is something fans are pinning their hopes on. One player thinks Season 1 will have to be a soft reboot of Battlefield 2042 to have any chance of salvation.

Some fans are hoping the game can make a comeback, though they believe it’s beyond the point of redemption.

DICE described the recent 4.0 update as a fix to several issues that have plagued the game since launch. A user who played it during the EA Play trial agrees with the company. However, they are far from convinced and are saving the rest of the trial for when more content drops.

Given how quickly Battlefield 2042’s player base has shrunk, some wonder if anyone will be left to test out the new content when it releases.

Curiously, the survey was closed shortly after it was published. This could be due to the overly negative feelings of the fans. As it stands, the future doesn’t look very bright for DICE and Battlefield 2042.

What will be interesting to see will be what EA decides for the immediate future. It’s a well-documented fact that the Battlefield series will continue. CEO Andrew Wilson said they were evaluating things from the ground up. It will be important for EA to ensure that the current game can recoup at least some of the reputation loss it caused.

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