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The Gathering D&D Cards takes a look at the game’s new dice rolling mechanic


Wizards of the Coast reveals more information about Magic: The Gathering’s new D20 mechanic, inspired by the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop role-playing game.

Wizards of the Coast revealed more information about the upcoming D20 system Magic: The Gathering as part of the Adventures in Forgotten Realms together.

Featured in a new trailer, Magic: The GatheringThe latest expansion of ‘will see players make more use of the twenty-sided dice. Several newly revealed cards, like Swarming Goblins, see players roll a D20 when they enter the battlefield. Depending on the number obtained, players must then follow the instructions on the card.

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The trailer, released by the official Magic: The Gathering Twitter account explains the difference between the spindown dice and the D20. While the spindown dice, which have been used in the tabletop collectible card game for decades, also feature twenty faces, the numbers appear sequentially, running across the dice. Comparatively, a D20 sees lower numbers distributed among the higher values.

Some of the cards highlighted by Magic: The Gathering include “Contacting Another Plane”, “Critical Hit” and “Treasure Chest”. All three cards require players to roll a D20, granting a variety of rewards depending on the number rolled; the higher the score, the better the reward.

“Contacting another plane” will allow players to potentially “Look 3, then draw three cards” from a natural 20, while “Critical Hit” reads: “Target creature gains double strike until end of turn. When you roll a natural 20, return Critical Hit from your graveyard to your hand. ” “Treasure Chest” is so far unique in that it throws one, often considered an automatic failure in Dungeons & Dragons, actively hinders players by depriving them of three health points.

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The inclusion of the new D20 mechanics pays homage to Dungeons & Dragons, the tabletop role-playing game from Wizards of the Coast that inspired the Adventures in Forgotten Realms together. D&D mainly uses a D20 system to assess the success of players in their actions. Fans of both Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons should recognize a variety of iconic characters, locations, and creatures in many maps to come.

Although the number distribution is different on a D20 and a spindown die, it should have little effect on the outcome of the roll when rolled authentically. Despite this, Magic: The Gathering will likely require the use of a D20 standard for competition to ensure fairness at all levels.

Adventures in Forgotten Realms will be available in Online magic and Magic: the gathering arena July 8. The tabletop set will launch worldwide on July 23. Other cards featuring the D20 will likely be revealed in the coming weeks.

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