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The most famous NBA players who love to play


The link between professional athletes is well established. The simple fact is that rich athletes are very fond of gambling. Whether it’s because they have too much money, their competitive nature, their personality, or a combination of these factors, we often hear about some famous athletes who have lost a small fortune at gambling. NBA players don’t make it. no exception to this rule and over the years the league has had its fair share of scandals involving its top stars and gambling.

Charles barkley

Charles Barkley is perhaps known as the best basketball player to ever win an NBA championship. In terms of gambling, he is also considered to be the player who has lost the most money in gambling. By his own estimates, he has lost between $ 10 million and $ 15 million in the past 30 years. These staggering figures prove two things. Firstly, no matter how much he enjoys gambling and betting, Barkley isn’t very good either. Second, he doesn’t know when to stop. Interestingly, Barkley has never denied that he is losing huge sums of money on his gambling activities, but has always claimed that this is not a problem because he can easily afford it. His record is losing $ 2.5 million in one sitting at a blackjack table. He was also the subject of a lawsuit brought by Wynn Las Vegas Casino for failing to pay a marker of $ 400,000 in 2008.

Alain Iverson

Former NBA MVP in 2001 Alan Iverson has earned more than $ 200 million through team contracts alone during his career. Thanks to his gambling escapades, he almost lost everything on several occasions. Iverson loved to play all kinds of games of chance, including poker, blackjack, and slots. He also had a passion for sports betting but was infamous for being a sore loser. His explosions after losing led to him being kicked out and even banned from several casinos. His most infamous incident happened in 2004 at Bally’s Casino in Atlantic City, when he urinated in a trash can and was quickly banned from entering the casino again. At that time, online casinos were just starting out, so Iverson didn’t have the option of compare and find a new casino as we have today. A ban was permanent and even served as a wake-up call for the former Philadelphia 76ers star player.

Antoine walker

Antoine Walker is arguably the most tragic edifying tale in the modern NBA. Former NCAA champion with Kentucky, Walker was drafted 6th by the Boston Celtics in the 1996 NBA Draft. His career had started well. He was Boston’s leading scorer in his rookie year and was a first-team all-star. Two years later, Walker and Pierce led Boston to the team’s first playoff appearance in seven years. They reached the Eastern Conference final before being eliminated by the New Jersey Nets in six games. Walker was on the All-Star Team. However, his gambling addiction was already affecting his career and Boston traded him to Dallas, who quickly sent him to Atlanta. He changed teams several times and retired in 2012. Two years later, he filed for bankruptcy, having spent about $ 108 million of his career earnings.

Michael jordan

His Airness is perhaps the greatest player who has ever played in the NBA. His exploits are legendary, and stories about his game still resurface today, decades after he quit playing basketball. Jordan claimed that gambling never affected him negatively because he was wealthy and it was simply a consequence of his competitive nature. Whether it’s true or not, Jordan’s gambling problems have taken a toll on his personal wife and possibly even his career.

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