Home Gambling The recently published “draft decree” in Spain provides for safer gambling regulations

The recently published “draft decree” in Spain provides for safer gambling regulations


A draft framework for a “draft decree” was published by the Ministry of Consumer Affairs with the aim of establishing “safer gaming environments” as well as additional gaming guarantees for consumers as a federal mandate administering the Spanish gambling industry.

According to the ministry’s foreword to the project – outlining the comprehensive protective measures required to modernize Spain’s 2011 gambling law – Spanish gambling requires an “optimal framework” to protect consumers from all ages and from all walks of life.

In addition, licensed operators face new rules, improving customer tracking to report gambling disorders.

The project framework was divided into three policy areas: informing stakeholders about the requirement for new guarantees; the duties and obligations of authorized operators; and consumer protection against the gambling risks of intensive gambling, psychological disorders, drug addiction and underage gambling.

In addition, regulated gaming markets must now ensure that customers retain the right to track their spending and gaming activity as outlined by the project. Therefore, incumbent operators licensed in Spain are required to adhere to a “safety-oriented approach” – meaning that no company can approve additional spending among customers.

Following new security measures, the project also sees the approval of the requirement for online casinos to ensure that, for a minimum of 24 hours, players set a “net spending limit for each game session. bet ”.

In addition, sports betting customers will need to set a minimum amount of betting expenses, before being allowed to place a bet or activate their accounts.

For licensed operators, the new requirements mean that they will have to send reports to customers detailing their spending and time spent playing after each online session, as well as dedicated telephone support in Spanish with staff trained in DGOJ standards.

Meanwhile, gambling websites and mobile apps will need to include a link on their home screens or main menu – under the name “juego más seguro” – providing information on safer gambling.

The draft also states that ‘high risk gamblers’ will be limited in the way they place their bets, excluding the use of credit cards or any form of bonus type incentives, while young customers should be targeted with additional messages about gambling risks and cannot be treated as VIPs.

With the mandate to be promulgated by July 2022, as it stands, the Spanish Ministry of Consumer Affairs will aim for the project to be certified as a “Royal Decree on Safer Gaming Environments”.