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The Top 5 Plays from Game 2 Between the Celtics and Bucks


From Jaylen Brown’s ankle breaker to him and Jayson Tatum closing out the first quarter in style, a prime example of Boston’s vastly improved ball movement in Game 2, Tatum’s steal and slam, and Brown spinning his way to 30 points, here are the top five plays from Game 2 between the Celtics and Bucks.

Jaylen Brown Ushers Grayson Allen to his Floor Seat

At this point, Brown had already torched the Bucks for ten points on 3/4 shooting. Grayson Allen comes to guard him well above the three-point line, but he makes a conscious effort not to get too close, given Brown’s ability to blow by him.

Brown gets Allen to retreat with ease, then crosses over into a between the legs dribble multiple times. The second time he does it, when Allen flips his hips, he’s off-balance with his right knee bent in, his left leg extended, and his feet close together. As Brown drives, Allen brings his right foot behind his left one.

In desperation, he goes for the steal, but even if Brown doesn’t make contact with his off-arm, Allen probably still would’ve wound up on the floor. And as he lifts from his seat on the court, he watches Brown bury the open jumper.

Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum Close Out the First Quarter in Style

After Jrue Holiday converted on a pair of free throws, the Bucks went to their press. But Brown gets by Wesley Matthews, forcing Antetokounmpo to help. Holiday is zoning two but shades further up towards Al Horford, and he’s not keeping track of Jayson Tatum, who cuts from the right corner. Brown dishes to him, and Tatum gets two points with 2.2 seconds on the clock, giving Boston a 32-21 lead entering the second quarter.

Boston’s Beautiful Ball Movement Leads to an Uncontested Layup

The Celtics made it a point to make the extra pass for most of the night, and this play was no different. It starts with Brown rejecting a Tatum screen. Derrick White clears out from the left-wing, cutting to the hoop. White and Brown make eye contact as the latter drives, prompting the latter to stay by the rim rather than run through to the right corner. Brown fires him a pass from just in front of the paint.

Rather than forcing the issue amongst the trees, he kicks the ball out to Horford, who skips it to Brown at the left-wing. Brown doesn’t even have to sell a shot-fake for Patt Connaughton to fly by him. Brown then attacks off of the dribble and kicks it to White in the opposite corner. White then swings the ball to Tatum, who blows by Connaughton’s closeout and throws a no-look dart to Horford for an uncontested layup as the shot clock winds down.

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Jayson Tatum Steals and Slam’s

Allen’s pass is behind Antetokounmpo, who, with two Celtics near him, doesn’t field the ball cleanly. He hesitates, then tries to throw it to Holiday. But Tatum steps in front, breaks up the pass, tracks down the ball, and finishes with a two-handed jam.

Jaylen Brown Spins His Way to 30 Points

Payton Pritchard’s three is off the mark, but no one boxes out Brown, and sure enough, the ball goes in his direction. Brown steps in, grabs the rebound before Connaughton can get to it, spins past Holiday, shields off Antetokounmpo, and kisses the ball off the glass with his left hand.

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