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Tired of playing computer games? A hand massager is just what you need


The video gaming industry is said to be worth an estimated $178.7 billion today, as per data provided by the WEPC. And mobile gaming remains the leader with more than half the market share, leaving the PC and consoles with an equal share of the rest of the ecosystem.

The gaming peripherals market is valued at a mere $2.8 billion. These include items like headsets, keyboards, joysticks, mice, gamepads, and gaming chairs. Into the mix, a Japanese manufacturer has now added hand massagers for the compulsive gamer. Yes! In case your hands ache from playing that PC game, you can get instant relief. 

Bauhutte, the Japanese company which pioneered gaming beds among a host of accessories for the gamers, claims the new hand massager provides relief to gamers after long periods of activity. Called the MSG-01H-BK (how about something more catchy?), the massager works both hands using a 15-layer airbag for each finger. And there is also a shiatsu plate for the palm. 

Bauhutte MSG-01H-BK massager – specs and more

bauhutte hand massager

(Image credit: Bauhutte)

There are multiple operation modes for the massager whereby it can either given the whole hand a good rub or just stretch the fingers for the next round of gaming. There is also an optional hand warmer that comes with the box plus multiple intensity settings mapped to the user’s needs. 

There is a separate process for massaging the thumb, which finds excess use during some of the console games. Users just need to slide their hands into the massager from the side for it to provide a 10-minute non-stop rub down of the thumb. 

Once the device is switched on, users can choose from a Shiatsu massage or one that stretches and kneads the fingers, somewhat similar to how one would feel when getting a physical rub down from an actual masseur. The device uses 15 heated air cushions to replicate the feeling of an actual massage.

The device is priced at $150 (approx. Rs.11,200) but for the moment is available only in Japan. Of course, it would be only a matter of time before the hand massager is available in other geographies. 

Of course, one could well wonder why the growing number of remote workers can’t benefit from the hand massager. Also, what stops companies from installing such a machine for its computer workers to take an occasional massage break? 

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