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Top 5 Anime On Game You Must Watch


Hollywood has released its fair share of casino and gambling-themed blockbusters, but what many moviegoers and casino fans don’t know is that the Japanese film industry has likely created even more. On top of that, these Japanese masterpieces, also known as anime, not only offer impressive storylines, intriguing plots, and likable characters, but do it all in anime form. Yet these are the cartoons you don’t want to watch as a family!

Anna Rosak, is a Polish gaming expert and anime enthusiast. If there’s anyone who knows about anime movies and game-themed series, it’s her. She reviews many sites on a daily basis, even some with cartoonish themes like the ones you can find on Wazamba Casino.

“I don’t mean to sound crazy, but there really is something special about tackling adult themes in anime media. It’s bizarre, dark, but also incredibly gripping. It might feel like an innocent card showdown can turn into bloodshed in seconds. And believe me, the Japanese aren’t afraid to show it,” Rosak begins and reveals his top 5 anime on the game (read more at she here).

One Piece Movie: Gold

The best way to describe this movie is to say, “Well, it escalated quickly!” Toei Animation’s cult classic is also a social commentary, as well as an outspoken critique of certain practices related to casino industry. The fact that this anime features obviously magical characters, is full of bright colors and vivid imagery, doesn’t make it any less realistic or compelling.

“At first it’s just another original anime, but as it progresses you notice all the heartbreaking layers. It’s not particularly violent or scary, but it certainly makes you think of the world we have created. Gold is an anime that will make you rethink your priorities in life,” the anime fan claims.


The story of Tobaku Mokushiroku Kaiji, a beautiful mah jong gamer who befriends the wrong people, is a cultural phenomenon that started out as a manga comic, then an anime, and finally got a live-action series. The anime is set in the late 1990s, and the gritty animation style definitely speaks to anxious Gen Xers, as well as anyone who’s lived through the uncertainty surrounding the new millennium.

“Kaiji isn’t styled that way by accident. The calamitous, gloomy vibe has you sitting on the edge of the seat. It’s, in a way, more realistic than the movie Gold, but also more human. These characters have more depth than your average Oscar-winning Hollywood movie,” reveals Maj who also admits that while the series can get quite morbid, it ends on a high note.


Aleksandra says the whole setup of this anime is a bit far-fetched, but it’s still incredibly catchy: “It’s like Gossip Girl, but on steroids with the game involved.” Want a private school? Top students? Gambling? Where can I apply?

Again, this anime does what the Japanese excel at – it adds a layer of social critique to the seemingly simple teenage fantasy plot. The relationship between social classes in Japan, along with privilege and the theory if there’s a “chance,” make Kakegurui a must-watch for anyone interested in gaming (or teen drama).

Legendary Player Tetsuya

Released in 2000, Legendary Gambler Tetsuya is the creme de la creme of gaming anime. It is about a professional gambler, Tetsuya, who is famous for his saying, “It’s only cheating when you get caught.” . So far, it’s a winning strategy.

“Many Westerners find it difficult to understand this anime, because it is as complex as the game of mahjong. Also, the jargon of the game is difficult to translate into other languages, so many viewers do not have not even the ability to detect inside jokes,” says Maj. In her opinion, this anime perfectly captures the atmosphere in Japan after WWII The war, although she agrees that everything is a bit romanticized.


Another anime about mahjong players! In this one, the Akagi is the main character. And if you think that’s one anime too many about mahjong, know that all three shows listed here have their loyal stans. The series begins in the late 1950s and follows Akagi, a mahjong genius on his escapades that include yakuza, life betting, and the intertwining lives of people gambling in the Japanese underground.

“If you ask me, Akagi is the most biting thing you’ll ever see. There’s everything: deep relationships, jaw-dropping matches, and even yakuza,” Maj says and reminds our readers that they should leave their phones in another room when watching Akagi, “There’s a lot of threads in this one, and if you miss a single sentence, you won’t be able to figure out what happened.