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Try Your Hand At Old-School Fantasy Store-Keeping in ‘Winkeltjie’


Money makes the world go round, and one of the oldest ways of making money is selling products to customers in a shop. You buy or make stuff for a low price and then sell it to unwitting customers for a mountain more than it’s actually worth! Easy, right?

Tasteful decoration can go a long way. Image by ‘Winkeltjie.’

‘Winkeltjie’ is a store-keeping game with a twist. ‘Winkeltjie’ is set in a fantasy world where swords, alchemical potions, and magic artifacts are a part of daily life and are thus not very hard to acquire and sell for loads of cash.

Build your own shop, starting small and expanding it as you go. Choose how you decorate and build your shop to make it the most appealing fantasy shop in the realm and keep customers coming back with friends and friends of friends.

To ensure that you become the biggest, most popular, and wealthiest fantasy store owner in the universe it is imperative that you ensure that you only stock your shelves with the best of every product. 

Manage your inventory carefully. Image by ‘Winkeltjie.’

You need to make sure that the stuff that you make and buy our top-quality products so that you do not disappoint your customers and create a bad name for yourself.

You can stock your shop with anything from groceries and furniture to alchemical elixirs and magical weapons. A smart floorplan will go a long way to fitting as much stock into as small a space as possible without making the store feel crowded. 

This will boost your popularity since you have a variety of products available but also have enough space for easy accessibility throughout the shop.

All the best on your fantasy shop-keeping journey!