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UK Gambling by the Numbers: Industry Revenue and Forecast by Sector


LONDON, June 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The world of casinos, bingo and sports betting is alive and well in the UK, but it looks like efforts around the world to change attitudes in online casino gaming could have reverberating effects UK. Last year, in November 2020, the Gaming Commission released its latest report on industry statistics and inside that report you can see where things have evolved. For the most part, gambling in all settings in the UK, from arcades and betting to bingo, casinos and lotteries, has seen a steady increase in GGY (gross gambling return). However, there has been a slight decrease in April 2019 at March 2020 – and this is to be expected with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this short report, we will take a detailed look at what is new in the UK betting world. Remember that the UK does not exist in a vacuum, and the game changes taking place in the US certainly have a eof what’s going on in the UK. So, with that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

£ 84.1m Decrease in overall gambling, but increase in online casino gambling

Overall, the UK gaming industry’s GGY has declined by around £ 84.1million compared to April 2018 at March 2020. By industry, these declines were seen in non-distance betting of £ 859.5 million, non-distance casino games of around £ 42.8 million and non-distance bingo of around £ 38. , £ 4million. However, over the same time periods, it appears that remote casino games have increased by almost 4%, the national remote and non-remote lottery has increased by around 10.4%, and remote betting has increased. increased by 15.5%.

What are people actually betting on?

If you break down the data and look at what people are actually betting on in the UK, things get very interesting. For example, consider the sector with the largest increase during this two-year period.

Sports betting in the UK is huge with 48.4% of the market dominated by football

If we take a closer look at distance betting in the UK, it becomes pretty clear to see what people are actually betting on in the UK in terms of sports. Football occupies 48.4% of the cake, with horses accounting for around 28%. From there you have the tennis bets taking up 5% of the GGY, dogs taking up 3.1% of the GGY, gold taking up around 0.7% of the GGY, virtual taking up 3.2% and about 9.7% of random sports. that are not clearly or distinctly explained.

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that sports around the world can still be played on an almost full scale, but without fanfare. In the United States, all of the major sports leagues have found a way to return to their respective fields and playing fields during the pandemic. In the UK, football continued to reign supreme as the most watched sport during the pandemic, with horse racing not too far behind.

And for punters and gamers alike, making a distance bet was not really a difficult thing to accomplish. In fact, it was easier than going out on the field to watch the game or going out on the track to see the race. Having the ability to strategically place bets from afar was a new interest in sports betting – almost claiming it as a strategic advantage.

What’s going on in the United States?

Across the ocean in the United States, things in the betting world seem to be picking up steam. Digital casinos and other distant forms of gambling and sports betting were once considered taboo by gambling players, but now they are starting to set the stage for a change in attitude among gamblers around the world. .

Again, the COVID-19 pandemic has likely played a role in this regard, but one cannot ignore the impact of mobile technology on the world of sports betting. Because mobile technology offers instant access, instant moves, instant bets and much more, there is an influx of new sports bettors into the market who are ready to place bets all the way down to the player and the minute d ‘a game – all from the comfort of their own home with their mobile device in hand.

Online gambling is expected to increase by more than $ 80 million By 2024

Currently, the digital casino and gambling markets are expected to grow by more than 80 billion dollars over the next three years – that would be a four year period from 2020 to 2024. One of the biggest benefits that online gambling has brought to interested bettors around the world is the new Live Dealer feature. If you are interested in casino games, you know that playing with a live dealer in a Las Vegas the casino is a unique experience.

For this reason, online casinos have understood this and have incorporated this feature into their online casino games. The demand for live dealer games and online casinos has never been higher.

In terms of sports betting, DraftKings Inc. has emerged as a major sports betting app that users can download to their mobile device, place bets during games, and enjoy exciting promotions that double their chances of winning. . DraftKings has certainly opened the door to a whole new market of sports bettors due to its ease of use and ultimate convenience. Those who have never placed a bet on a game or match before might be more inclined to do so now that they can do so from their mobile device while they are watching the game at home.

It is an exciting time for the world of gambling and betting, and things in the world are certainly starting to make waves. It will be interesting to see if the Live Dealer feature and sports betting giant DraftKings make their way to the UK. Time will tell how adaptable this new change in attitude will be.

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