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UK Gambling Commission data shows impact of Covid-19 on industry



With the arrival of COVID-19, the various lockdown rules and restrictions throughout 2020 have resulted in significant changes that have impacted the availability of products and sales channels for the gaming industry. published reflect the uniqueness of this latest reporting period (see the full report).

Remote (or online) gambling is GGY’s largest combined sector. With GGY £ 3.1 billion, it represents 52.3% of the overall market during this period. Online casino games dominate the industry, generating £ 1.9 billion in GGY, mostly through slot machine games. The GGY for distance betting totaled £ 1.0 billion, led by football and horse betting. GGY for distance bingo totaled £ 98.1million.

National lottery ticket sales totaled £ 3.9 billion. This supported a GGY equivalent of £ 1.6 billion, making the National Lottery the second largest sector in GGY. Over the same period, the main contribution to good causes amounted to £ 775.1 million.

Non-remote Paris GGY was GGY’s third largest sector with £ 629.3 million. In out-of-court betting data, GGY machines totaled £ 304.9million. Machines accounted for 48.5% of total GGY bets. The total number of betting houses continued to decline for the seventh consecutive reporting period to 6,735 (-12.3%).

Lotteries (excluding the National Lottery and Small Company Lotteries) recorded a GGY equivalent of £ 310.5million, with the balance of good causes being £ 196.8million.

In the arcade business, adult game centers totaled £ 97.0million in GGY and licensed family entertainment totaled £ 7.7million. Note that this data does not include family entertainment centers that operate with a license from a local authority.

GGY non-distance bingo totaled £ 92.0million with machines making up 46.2% of GGY bingo total.

The non-remote casino sector totaled £ 67.0 million in GGY. Machines accounted for 27.7% of the GGY casino total

GGY machines across all industries totaled £ 470.6million. B3 at £ 396.8million is now the highest category of machinery for GGY.

The number of authorized activities decreased to 3,468 (-1.7%). These licenses are held by 2,522 operators (-2.1%).

The total number of licensed gambling establishments in Great Britain fell from 1,092 to 9,036 (-10.8%). The majority of them were betting houses which decreased by 948 (-12.3%)

Key acts

  • £ 5.9bn Total gross gambling return (GGY) of the UK gambling industry (April – September 2020)
  • £ 4.0bn Total gross return on games of chance (GGY) of the UK gaming industry (excluding lotteries) (April – September 2020)
  • 9,036 Total number of premises in Great Britain (Sep 2020) (10.8% decrease from March 2020)
  • 6,735 Total number of betting houses in Great Britain (September 2020) (12.3% decrease compared to March 2020)
  • Total £ 470.0m GGY for slot machines in Great Britain (April-September 2020) (excluding those requiring only a permit from local authorities)
  • £ 396.8m total GGY for category B3 machines in Great Britain (April – September 2020)
  • Total £ 3.1 billion GGY for distance betting, bingo and casinos (April – September 2020)
  • Total £ 629.3m GGY for non-distance betting (including machines) (April – September 2020)
  • Total £ 92.0m GGY for non-distance bingo (including machines) (April – September 2020)
  • Total £ 67.0m GGY for non-remote casino (including machines) (April – September 2020)
  • £ 196.8m Contributions to the good causes of large society lotteries (April – September 2020)
  • £ 775.1m in contributions to good causes from the National Lottery (April 2019 – March 2020)

Data for the next full year for the reference period April 2020 – March 2021 is expected to be released in November 2021.