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UK Gambling Commission opts for Allwyn in National Lottery race


the UK Gambling Commission threw his support behind Allwyn Entertainment as its preferred candidate for the fourth national lottery license.

The regulator says its decision follows “fair, open and robust competition”, with Camelot UK Lotteries subsequently named as a reserve candidate ahead of Sisal Spa and The New Lottery Company.

Clarifying its decision, the UKGC says Allwyn is committed to making investments which should drive growth and innovation in the National Lottery’s products and channels, which will result in increased contributions to good causes, subject to the protection of participants and property.

Furthermore, it is added that “all candidates are fit and fit to operate”, the UKGC is “satisfied that no candidate is affected by the sanctions related to the conflict in Ukraine”.

This milestone marks the first day of a legal standstill period, lasting at least 10 days, which will be followed by a 22-month transition to the fourth license.

An update posted by Allwyn reads: “We welcome today’s statement from the Gambling Commission that we have been selected as the preferred candidate for the fourth National Lottery License.

“Our proposal was deemed the best way to increase returns to good causes by revitalizing the National Lottery in a safe and sustainable way.

“Allwyn’s appointment will breathe new life into the National Lottery. In Allwyn, the Gambling Commission has selected a strong team with an impressive track record of improving lotteries.

“We will immediately work to implement our comprehensive transition plan and look forward to transforming the National Lottery, making it better for everyone.”

Camelot UK has operated the lottery since its inception in 1994, having won new contracts in 2001, via an overturned High Court ruling disqualifying the group from the race, and in 2007. The group’s third and current ten-year license started in 2009. and was later extended for four years in March 2012.

Andre RhodesChief Executive of the Gambling Commission, said: “During its lifetime, the National Lottery has raised over £45 billion for good causes and is rightly considered a great national asset.

“Our priority was to organize a competition that would attract a solid pool of candidates. Having received the most applications since 1994, it is clear that we have succeeded.

“I am confident that the success of the competition will lead to a very successful fourth license – a license that maximizes returns to good causes, promotes innovation, upholds our legal obligations and ultimately protects the unique status of the National Lottery We look forward to working with all parties to ensure a smooth transfer.”

Since its launch in 1994, National Lottery players have collectively raised over £45 billion for 660,000 good causes across the UK, transforming lives and contributing to the arts, sport, heritage and communities .

John TannerChief Executive of the Gambling Commission and principal owner responsible for the competition, said: “The Commission is grateful to the four applicants for their commitment to the competition.

“We were impressed with the overall level of applications, including the range and quality of innovations on offer, and the high level of confidence and ambition demonstrated for the National Lottery’s prospects under the fourth licence. “