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UK sports teams risk losing game sponsors on shirt front


The UK government is getting closer to finalizing its gambling review, with multiple sources reporting this week that this will likely result in a ban on gambling sponsorships from sports shirts.

The review plans to reform the Gambling Act 2005 – there are reportedly 400,000 problematic players in the UK – as well as ‘white label deals’, which are seen as a loophole, as foreign betting companies can form sponsorships with UK based football clubs by paying another company to use their license, thus avoiding government checks -ins.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson this week appointed a new gaming minister, “thought to be passionate about reform,” according to the Daily Mail.

If the ban is finalized, it would have a huge impact on the sports market in Europe. Game logos appear up to 700 times per game.

  • The English Football League, which oversees the three professional levels below the summit, said last year that revenues generated by the gaming industry could be “vital” to recovering from pandemic losses, and this decision could cause some clubs “to melt”.
  • This season, nine Premier League clubs, or 45% of the league, have front-of-shirt sponsorships with gaming companies, which are value a total of $ 79.22 million.
  • La Liga have been asked to drop betting offers by the end of the 2020-2021 season. The league president said that the teams lose a total of 105 million dollars.

Gaming companies expect the branding in sites to be affected as well.

The review is not expected to be released until this winter, and would then require a three-month consultation period before being presented to Parliament. If the changes are passed, they are unlikely to come into effect until 2023.