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Virginia Tech Hokies in the 2022 Draft: 1 round – No dice


We’re supposed to be big on the NFL Draft. Lots of coverage, tagging everything, commenting and running threads. Well, I guess for some people, but watching the Las Vegas show last night was like watching a CGI party with fake music, canned music, and a few oddities appearing on stage with “The Commish.” Presumably they were trying to weed out some of the loud, repeated “boos” rising from the crowd, but we’re not all supposed to notice. Roger Goodell isn’t popular with many people, and the crowds make sure he knows it.

So let’s shoot down the first round of 32 picks that took two hours too long to announce (most teams were already settled on “The Pick is In” graphics and the talking heads of Mouse Corp had to vamp until The talk was thick, and about to get thicker because except for a few obvious picks in the first round, there was nothing “hype-ie” to say. of the 2022 draft was more like the 3rd or even the 4th round of most memories.

So here is the table and the comments to the effect:

2022 NFL Draft Round 1 – Summary

Position Team Player Position Program Comment
Position Team Player Position Program Comment
1 Jacksonville Jaguars Travon Walker Edge Rusher/DE Georgia Ok Choose but not a first round more like the 3rd round
2 Detroit Lions Aidan Hutchinson Edge Rusher/DE Michigan It was an actual rated first-round pick
3 Houston Texans Derek Stingley Jr. rear corner USL No way it’s a first round quality pick 2nd round at best
4 New York Jets Gardner Sauce rear corner Cincinnati Another 2nd round maybe even 3rd – good player not an A quality
5 New York Giants Kayvon Thibodeaux defensive end Oregon Giants drafted Daniel Jones as first-rounder – Maybe Kayon is making up for that gaffe
6 Carolina Panthers Ikem Ekwonu Offensive tackle NC status He’s another 3rd maybe 4th round stuffed in this place
7 New York Giants Evan Neal Offensive tackle Alabama 2nd round pick in any other good draft but not an A player
8 Atlanta Falcons Drake London wide receiver USC 1-No where near a 1st round pick 2-Falcons don’t have a QB a WR is a waste
9 Seattle Seahawks Charles Cross Offensive tackle Mississippi State 4th round at best
ten New York Jets Garrett Wilson wide receiver ohio state Another attempt by the Jets to break the Namath curse – again NO QB!
11 New Orleans Saints Chris Olave wide receiver ohio state Again and again – they don’t have a QB, a wideout is a waste
12 Detroit Lions jameson williams wide receiver Alabama He’s a quality 1st-round pick picked by a terrible team
13 Philadelphia Eagles Jordan Davis defensive tackle Georgia Pick a 3rd or 4th round guy in the 1st round – an Iggles move
14 Baltimore Ravens Kyle Hamilton Security our Lady Finally a solid quality choice in the 1st round
15 Houston Texans Kenyan Green Offensive guard Texas A&M Puh-leeze it’s a 5th round try guy – the GM here ain’t top notch
16 Washington Commanders Jahan Dotson wide receiver Penn State A 4th round pick for a team without a QB
17 Los Angeles Chargers Sion Johnson Offensive Guard Boston College 3rd round quality pick maybe even 4th Lecitus Smith was better.
18 Tennessee Titans Treylon Burk wide receiver Arkansas 4th round quality could help but too expensive
19 New Orleans Saints Trevor Penning Offensive tackle Northern Iowa Again with the puh-leeze – 6th or 7th round FCS player with FCS skills
20 Pittsburgh Steelers Kenny Pickett Strategist pitt Rumors of it happening, they had been working with him for several years – 2nd or 3rd round prospect though
21 Kansas City Chiefs Trent McDuffie rear corner Washington Who the hell knows? Need a target got a target.
22 Green Bay Packers dock walker Linebacker Georgia Why does he feel like it was just because he had a big G on his helmet?
23 Buffalo Tickets Kaiir Elam rear corner Florida 4th round pick but SEC school – butterfly meets flame
24 Dallas Cowboys Tyler Smith Offensive tackle Tulsa Another lower quality pick – maybe 5th or 6th
25 Baltimore Ravens Tyler Linderbaum Center Iowa 3rd round picked in 1st – bad enough to do it
26 New York Jets Jermaine Johnson II defensive end state of florida Yeah – a real 1st round pick he’ll play in 2022
27 Jacksonville Jaguars Devin Lloyd linebacker Utah 3rd or 4th round quality pick numbers Jags yaknowaddamean?
28 Green Bay Packers Devonte Wyatt defensive tackle Georgia G’s like these G’s I guess – overly worded
29 New England Patriots weird cole Offensive Guard Chattanooga Belichik’s Huskey chosen by smell – stupid choice
30 Kansas City Chiefs Georges Karlaftis Edge Rusher/DE Purdue Along with all the other C level players, this one is a first
31 Cincinnati Bengals Hill of Dax Security Michigan This one deserved first-round status – it will start this season
32 Minnesota Vikings Lewis Cine Security Georgia Yes – this one is also a quality first-round pick – he will play too

It didn’t look much like some sort of first round of any draft seen to date.

Country Gobbler

We’ll add all of these up as we create the tables and compile statistics on who is chosen where they come from and how likely they are to survive the first week of camp.

There may be some Hokies on the board tonight, we’ll see – probably not, but given the nature of the 1st round, it looks like nothing is “normal” for this draft.


So, what is your impression of this 1st round grid?

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    Do you know the American Standard Sign Language gesture for “boring”? Move your finger a little to the left… Ugh

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    Hype and commercials… then these choices… I just wanted to scream SHUT UP!!! talking heads. They needed to move faster, this set of picks wasn’t worth the fake drama.

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    It’s the NFL, it’s all about the hype. People were having fun. The picks, well they’re going to get “paid” and that’s what they wanted.

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    I’m watching History Channel tonight.

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