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What DICE’s Near Future World Frame Looks Like


The online shooter franchise returns in the near future with Battlefield 2042 – here’s a look at the fictional future created by DICE.

The recently revealed Battlefield 2042 returns the series in the near future, hoping to regain some of its former glory. 2013 Battlefield 4 was the last title to take place a few years in advance, illustrating a fictional conflict in 2020. This time, Battlefield leaps forward two decades to 2042, a fitting year for a series that already includes Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield 2142. The series’ vision for the year 2042 involves conflict between Russia and the United States, but waged as a proxy war brought on by the events of the past decade.

The central conflict in which the players will participate Battlefield 2042 is the culmination of more than a decade of global instability. The 2030s were a tumultuous time for the world as a prelude to 2042. Natural disasters, such as Battlefield 2042The massive tornadoes and the very first Category 6 storm, Hurricane Zeta of 2033, were just a symptom of climate change that led to sea level rise. A second major depression is marked by fuel and food shortages around the world. Economies collapse under pressure, alliances are broken and in 2035 the European Union is dissolved following the collapse of Germany.

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Proxy warfare becomes possible after the increase in non-repatriated peoples, according to EAthe website of. Hailing from all parts of the world, the eponymous No-Pats now live in fleets of migrants, without affiliation to any nation-state. The global population of No-Pats will surpass one billion by 2037. While the world is trying to rebuild itself, the creation of new technologies to adapt to the changing landscape and climate in Battlefield 2042, many No-Pats refuse to re-assimilate, instead embracing the new nationless lifestyle.

No-Pats Become Battlefield 2042’s Near Future Fighters

Battlefield 2042 Manifest Map

In the midst of the collapsing world Battlefield 2042, the United States and Russia appear to be the last two world superpowers. Things start to gain momentum in 2040, when a “Kessler Effect“- a growing cascade of space debris – destroys more than 70% of the satellites in orbit. The fallout from the event is incalculable.”No internet. No navigation. No surveillance. No thunderstorm forecast.“The already delicate geopolitical circumstances are exacerbated to the point of paranoia.

The United States and Russia both believe the other is responsible for the blackout, and tensions are mounting as each country scrambles to secure dwindling resources around the world. In order to maintain a politically appropriate distance from the impending war, both factions are enlisting No-Pat military task forces. This is where the Battlefield 2042 multiplayer players come into play. No-Pat specialists will be the game’s online multiplayer fighters. Every massive card in Battlefield 2042 represents a key military asset desired by both Russians and Americans, although the nature of warfare has changed such that conventional armed forces will not be present.

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Source: EA

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