Home Play by Mail What is the right format to spice up our championship a bit? How do I convince my gaming partners to play for a little money? Your questions, answers

What is the right format to spice up our championship a bit? How do I convince my gaming partners to play for a little money? Your questions, answers


Hello and welcome to the Women’s Mailbag, where we answer questions from our female readership. If you have a question you would like answered, you can drop it here. It’s technically focused on women, but guys, if you have a question, we won’t ignore you. This week’s questions are about the different formats and games you can play on the course, and how to pitch the idea of ​​a small bet on the course to your friends.

“Our league is low-key and fun, but the formats are getting a bit outdated. Any ideas for games or formats we could try? – Ali, Texas.

My favorite game is the one I played a lot when I was little, and I’m pleasantly surprised people haven’t heard of it. Maybe it’s new for you and your team: Bingo Bango Bongo. It is a point game: a point is awarded to the first person to touch the green (Bingo); once everyone is on the green, another point is awarded to the person closest to the pin (Bango); and then whoever finishes first also gets a point (Bongo). This requires your group to play in the correct order, ensuring the furthest person plays first instead of golfing ready. Keep track of your points and add them up at the end of the round. I like this game because it’s a way for different abilities to play against each other, without having to worry about handicaps. Anyone can drop a long putt or hit a chip up close, so this game involves everyone.

Another voucher requires a suit of cards from a deck, so you’ll need to coordinate so that each group comes out with a suit. Deal a club to 14 cards in the suit (Ace = putter, King = driver, 3 = 3-wood, 5 = 5-iron, Jack = sand wedge. You can arrange it as you wish. It would be wise to print out the key for each band so people don’t forget and be prepared to make substitutions on the fly (someone will have a hybrid instead of a 5 iron, someone will have an extra wedge, things like this.) On each tee box, draw three cards: those are the only three clubs you can use on that hole. Can it be frustrating? Yes. Can it sometimes seem impossible? Yes. But it can also be be hilarious. And when everyone in your group faces the same challenge, there’s a certain camaraderie that makes it fun. You’ll probably also learn something, like how to hit a bump-and-run with a 7-iron, or this hybrid off the tee on this short par 4 is actually a better game than hitting the driver.

“I want to bet a little on the course. Nothing crazy but I think it would be more fun if our band played for something. How can I pitch the idea to my friends when we’ve never played for anything before? – Kathy, Florida.

Playing for a little something is always fun. It gets the adrenaline pumping, your senses heighten a bit, and you usually end up finding one more coupe in your driver. Which is always a good thing.

Since your group has never bet anything before, start small. It doesn’t even have to be money. Separate into partners and have the two losing players pay for the winners’ first drink after the round. Buying drinks is a little sweeter than having to open your wallet and pay off an opponent.

If you want to play for money, again, start small. You don’t want to make anyone feel uncomfortable and you don’t want to scare your gaming partners into betting before you even start. You can say something like, “Today on par 3, you want to bet a dollar on who can hit the closest? This way you don’t play every hole and no one can lose more than a few dollars. It’s a sweet intro to see if your friends might like it.

A $1 Nassau is also a low-stakes entry point for a small game: $1 for the winner of the front 9, $1 for the winner of the back nine, and $1 for the winner of the entire game. You will find that even if you play for a few dollars, your approach will change. You’ll feel the heat and focus a bit more, which can be good for your game. Above all, have fun with it. Nobody wants to play with someone who pushes them to play more than they have in their wallet.