When Robert De Niro forged ‘Taxi Driver’ in an animation


Hailed as one of the best acting talents in cinema history, Robert De Niro has a natural gift for fully portraying some of the movie’s most intense characters. Abundant in the films of Martin Scorsese in Wild bull, Taxi driver, and King of comedy, each of De Niro’s performances is as iconic as the last.

Speak to Interview with Charlie Rose when publishing Jackie BrownThe filmmaker Quentin Tarantino even described Robert De Niro as “the best actor in the world”. The director adds: “I have never seen an actor who is so completely consumed with his character while he is working, in true character work. And what I mean by that is when Robert plays Louis … he works from moment to moment. ”

“De Niro has that under control. He has such a character, ”concludes the director and finishes his brilliant speech about the great American actor. Although Quentin Tarantino may claim he is “the best actor in the world,” Robert De Niro has also participated in critical and commercial flops in modern cinema, including Dirty grandpa Little Focker and The adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

The last film mentioned above is a particularly bizarre film based on the television cartoon of the same name, which follows Rocky the Squirrel and Bullwinkle the Moose in an attempt to stop the nasty wrongdoing of their archenemy Fearless Leader, played by a live action, Robert De Niro. Despite De Niro’s diverse mix of roles over the years, this one is particularly bizarre.

De Niro’s fearless leader speaks with a strange, unplaced accent somewhere between British and Italian, wearing a wet combed back hairstyle, a cartoonish scar and a blue monocle. It’s a surreal twist for the influential actor who even remembers his own in one scene iconic line in Martin Scorseses taxi driver, when Travis Bickle approaches the mirror and says “Are you talking to me?”

Panning on a large black leather armchair, De Niro’s character turns to his two cronies on a large screen in front of him and asks: “Have you liquidated moose and squirrels?” When they hesitate, however, the actor says, “Are you talking to me? Are you talking to me? Who else are you talking to then? Are you talking to me? Well, I’m the only one here so you need to talk to me, ”which directly reflects the lines of Scorsese’s original classic.

Speak with Player radar In 2008, however, De Niro doesn’t seem to regret taking on such frivolous, family-friendly roles. When asked if such films “stained his legacy,” he replied, “I enjoyed these films. Um, I had a good time on Rocky & Bullwinkle“.

We’re still waiting for a parody of its Russian roulette scene in The deer hunter.


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