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Zicky Dice says the AEW star helped inspire ‘Outlandish Paradise’


Zicky Dice has a weird confession, he credits an AEW favorite with planting early seeds for his Jan. 15 ‘interactive pro wrestling’ event The extravagant paradise of Zicky Dice.

“Let’s go back to the NWA days,” Dice told Wrestling Inc.

“Thunder Rosa had called me, and we were just chatting on the phone,” he explained, “She said, ‘You just have to focus on one platform, whether it’s your Twitter or Instagram, and just rolling with it.'”

The very next day, Twitch reached out to Dice, the NWA World Television Champion at the time. Typically a platform for gamers, the streaming service was looking to partner with professional wrestlers – and Dice found an unexpected home.

Nearly two years after nurturing his creativity and building a solid following, Dice is bringing to life a dream he had since his early days of streaming. Saturday January 15, 2022, it presents the interactive wrestling experience The extravagant paradise of Zicky Dice live and free on Twitch.

“Cable TV will soon be obsolete,” said Dice, who signed with Impact Wrestling in late 2021. “The fans want to get involved so badly, they’re jumping barricades to get to us.”

It will not be necessary to The extravagant paradise of Zicky Dice, he points out. Due to the interactive nature of Twitch, fans have rare opportunities to participate in match results and stipulations. For example, he says, the “Hey Brother Battle Royal” allows the chat to determine whether eliminated contestants return to action “or send them back!”

This is however only the beginning. Dice has brought together the top names from many pro wrestling companies for this groundbreaking, “must see” supercard. AEW “Dark Order” members Evil Uno and Alan “V” Angels, along with Impact’s Rich Swann, Chris Bey, and X-Division Champion Trey Miguel are also on board.

Former Ring of Honor World Champion Dalton Castle takes on Effy in the “dream match we didn’t all know we needed.” Says Dice, “These guys could stand in the ring and watch each other and flock like birds for 30 minutes, and everyone is going to love it!”

It’s only fitting that Dice also repaid Thunder Rosa with a top spot. She takes on the returning Taya Valkyrie, formerly NXT’s ‘Franky Monet’, in her first match since leaving WWE.

“This game is going to be crazy!” Undeclared. “The roof is going to explode. The cat will explode. I hope the internet explodes – #OutlandishParadise.

The extravagant paradise of Zicky Dice starts at 7:00 p.m. EST / 4:00 p.m. PST. Showtime is 8:00 PM EST / 5:00 PM PST. It broadcasts live and for free on http://www.Twitch.TV/ZickyDice

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